Arizona Cardinals analyst Ron Wolfley illogical in recent comments

Ron Wolfley quietly got the job done for the Cardinals.Arizona Cardinals Training Camp 2017
Ron Wolfley quietly got the job done for the Cardinals.Arizona Cardinals Training Camp 2017 /

Arizona Cardinals radio analyst Ron Wolfley stated he believed the team would move on from general manager Steve Keim, but not Kliff Kingsbury. 

When stating why he believed head coach Kliff Kingsbury would remain the Arizona Cardinals head coach, analyst Ron Wolfley pointed to the fact the Redbirds hired him to develop quarterback Kyler Murray. Note my sarcasm when I say, “That went well. Especially this season.”

Kingsbury, a supposed quarterback guru who couldn’t win in college with Patrick Mahomes at the helm, was hired to do just that. Fast-forward to 2022, and he has a record of 28-34-1 (0.452). Kingsbury has also never won a playoff game, nor has he even won an NFC West title. In all four seasons as head coach, his teams have also collapsed over the second half of the year.

However, Wolfley stated he believes general manager Steve Keim will be let go. Here is what he had to say about Keim, in case you’re interested:

"“Steve Keim is a friend of mine. I wish him well, I am praying for him.“Yet, at the same time, he took a leave of absence because of health issues and I don’t know if we’re going to see Steve Keim back for the Arizona Cardinals.” – via KTAR News."

Meanwhile, here is take on Kingsbury:

"“I think they have a pretty good working relationship and I think because of that, Kliff Kingsbury ultimately is going to be given the opportunity to fix Kyler Murray going forward,” – via KTAR News"

Arizona Cardinals analyst Ron Wolfley’s comments are illogical

Illogical really, to the absolute worst degree. No one in their right mind would agree to be the general manager of this team and keep Kliff Kingsbury except for two people: Adrian Wilson and Quentin Harris. Which is why, if you want Kingsbury gone, you should probably advocate against Wilson and/or Harris becoming general manager given their closeness to Keim.

Perhaps Wolfley believes one of the duo will become the general manager and by extension, it will save Kingsbury’s job. But common logic states that general managers prefer to bring in their own head coaches.

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Given Kingsbury’s track record and the fact no one else in the league would have hired him for such a job in the first place, there is no way, no how, a new general manager sans Wilson and/or Harris would justify keeping Kingsbury aboard. If Keim goes, Kingsbury (most likely) goes, and that’s all there is to it, Mr. Wolfley. 

Article Source: Cardinals analyst Ron Wolfley weighs in on future for Kingsbury, Keim by Kevin Stone

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