10 players who could be the Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback in 2024

With Kyler Murray returning today, he gets the first crack at becoming the Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback in 2024, but he’s not a shoo-in for the gig.
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7 - Ryan Tannehill

Supposing if, for one reason or another, the Arizona Cardinals no longer think Murray is capable, but they miss out on Caleb Williams or Drake Maye, then perhaps they roll with a stopgap. This would involve the Cards drafting someone like Michael Penix or JJ McCarthy, two players who would do well to sit early in their respective careers, while Tannehill takes advantage of perhaps one final opportunity to be an NFL starter. 

8 - Gardner Minshew

The same scenario would occur with someone like Gardner Minshew, and it’s a perfect role for the journeyman to find himself in. In such a scenario, Minshew does what he does best: Starts a few games, plays well enough to keep things interesting, then turns the keys over to a new quarterback following midseason. 

9 - Sam Darnold

Unlike Tannehill and Minshew, the third overall pick in 2018 would be seeking to impress one of the other 31 teams in the NFL for a long-term spot as the starting quarterback. Darnold’s career hasn’t worked out the way he would have wanted, so a trial run with the Cardinals as he starts in front of a future franchise quarterback for a season would be in order. 

10 - Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield could find himself in the same situation as Darnold, so a stint with the Arizona Cardinals wouldn’t be a long-term fix. However, Mayfield could put up decent enough numbers to warrant attention elsewhere should he start for an entire season or even part-time.