3 Arizona Cardinals players who will surprise us in October 2023

The Arizona Cardinals had plenty of pleasant surprises in September, and you will see that trend continue in October regarding a few players.
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The Arizona Cardinals had several surprises over the first month of the season, and quarterback Joshua Dobbs was probably the most surprising. When general manager Monti Ossenfort gave up a fifth-round pick for the longtime backup, it confused fans and pundits alike, and for obvious reasons. 

Okay, of all the quarterbacks you could have signed or traded for between March and August 2023, you chose Joshua Dobbs of all quarterbacks! However, while Dobbs is just 1-3 along with the rest of the Redbirds, that trade’s looking awesome in hindsight,  

Dobbs doesn’t have the physical attributes to be a starter, but his generally mistake-free approach and football intellect have at least made the Redbirds competitive in September. He was the surprise player of the month for sure, so who will wear the crown come October?

Garrett Williams
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3 Arizona Cardinals who will surprise us in October

1 - Garrett Williams, CB

1 - Garrett Williams, CB

Garrett Williams isn’t playing this week, but now that he’s off the NFI list, he should return by the end of the month. The timing and circumstance couldn’t have been better, thanks to the fact the Arizona Cardinals secondary has suffered without a high-caliber draft pick like Williams taking the field. 

While the Syracuse product fell to the middle rounds thanks to a torn ACL, he likely may have gone in the first given his productivity with the Orange. Williams will have an adjustment period, but we’ve seen countless rookies show up and enjoy star-studded performances early in their respective tenures. 

This will be the case with Williams, and he will immediately show he’s a better option than the underwhelming Marco Wilson. Don’t look for Williams to be crowned the starter following a couple of good performances, but you can expect him to eat up more of Wilson’s playing time as October fades into November, assuming he suffers no setbacks in his return.