3 Cardinals who won't make the 53-man roster in 2024

These three Cardinals may be on a new team by the start of the season.
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1.) Zaven Collins, LB

This could be a bold prediction, seeing as how Monti Ossenfort has told the press that he likes what Zaven Collins was able to do last season in a new defensive scheme. However, financials are going to start coming into place with Collins. The Cardinals will need to decide by early May if they will pick up the fifth-year option, which would cost just over $13 million. Last year, Collins heavily dropped in production from 100 total tackles in 2022, to just 41 total tackles. While he earned another 1.5 sack to add to his stat sheet, it was not enough to potentially earn him a contract beyond this upcoming season.

However, the Cardinals have a history of moving off players early in their careers when they are on their rookie deal. They have moved off of players like Isaiah Simmons as they approach their fourth year of a rookie deal. While this could be a big take, if Collins is not seen in the vision by Ossenfort and the coaching staff, he could very well be playing in another uniform at the start of next season. Not to mention, his trade value could be good for the Cardinals if they get offers for him.