3 players the Arizona Cardinals need to utilize differently

The Arizona Cardinals have performed better than expected, but with the team so banged up, they need to get even more creative starting in Week 5.
Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers
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Fred Warner, Trey McBride
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2 - Trey McBride

While I gave Zach Ertz some praise based on his productivity alone earlier this week, it doesn’t take away from the fact Trey McBride is, at this point, the better pass-catcher. PFF has graded and ranked three of the Arizona Cardinals tight ends along with Geoff Swaim, and McBride (62.9) is at least 10 points ahead of the others.

Originally, I thought we would see McBride playing more at fullback, but he’s only seen eight snaps in the backfield, plus 79 inline snaps, among others. However, he has just six receptions in four games, despite a 71.4% receiving success rate, a stat that is also light years ahead of Ertz’s. 

McBride has the potential to stick around in the desert far longer than Ertz, yet he’s been underutilized in favor of the veteran who will turn 33 this year. Offensive coordinator Drew Petzing needs to get McBride more involved, and it’s worth pointing out his receiving grade of 71.7 also sits nearly 20 points ahead of Ertz’s.