3 reasons why Arizona Cardinals have a massive advantage heading into 2024 season

Believe it or not, the Cardinals are a dangerous team going into next month's free agency period.
Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals
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2.) Great amount of draft capital

This new year that is set to begin officially on March 13th is going to be a fun one for Cardinals fans. Not only do they have over $50 million in cap space to spend, but they also have 13 draft picks that they can utilize (whether it is development or trading to gain current players). Monti Ossenfort has the chance to build a bright future in the Cardinals’ building, but will he focus more on development or acquiring veteran help through a trade or two?

With where the Cardinals are currently in their franchise, it is best to not waste draft picks on current players (unless it is an upgrade at a key position). With them having two first round picks, there are unlimited options that Ossenfort can do to improve the roster. Maybe he stays at No.4 and No. 27, but it is also a high possibility that there is a trade down or trade up, depending on how the board plays out on draft night. Current Cardinals players and acquisitions will certainly not be bored on draft weekend.