3 reasons why Cardinals will have best QB situation after 2024 season

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals
Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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The 2024 NFL season should be the start of the turnaround for the Arizona Cardinals. The coaching staff has been together now for a year and they will have a fully healthy team heading into training camp. The Cardinals drafted one of the best rookie classes from the NFL Draft which includes a big new weapon in Marvin Harrison Jr. However, the biggest headline is that the Cardinals will have Kyler Murray back under center right from the start. After missing half of the season last year from a torn ACL the season prior, Murray is back and ready to go from the start. 

While the coaching staffs across the NFL are thinking about the roster today, it is important to think about the future beyond next season. Players are becoming expensive in terms of contract negotiations and various positions are getting an increase in value. The biggest position that always makes the headlines is quarterback. When it comes to the Cardinals, they do not have to worry about a quarterback situation. Kyler Murray signed a five-year deal going into the 2022 season and he now has a number one wideout again with Harrison, as well as a running game with James Conner and rookie Trey Benson.

When looking at the rest of the NFC West, there is a very good chance that there will be some quarterback issues after the 2024 season. 

Here are three reasons why the Cardinals will have the best QB situation beyond 2024.