3 reasons why Cardinals will have best QB situation after 2024 season

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals
Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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3.) Matthew Stafford is not getting any younger, seeking more money

Unlike the Dallas Cowboys, the Los Angeles Rams actually went “all in” and won a Super Bowl after trading for Matthew Stafford from the Detroit Lions. After winning his first championship, Stafford would sign a four-year contract extension with the Rams. Since then, Stafford has dealt with injuries in the last two seasons but he did manage to help lead the Rams back to the playoffs in 2023. However, Stafford has made it clear that he wants more guaranteed money from the Rams.

With Stafford coming out and stating this publicly, the Rams are in a bit of a tough situation moving forward. Stafford is 36 years old but he is not a young 36 years old. While he can still play at a high level at times, he already has a history with injuries and his future is up in the air with the Rams if he declines and Los Angeles decides to move on from him in the next year or two. While the Rams have talent across their roster, they may want to consider finding Stafford’s replacement sooner than later.