4 NFC West draft nightmare scenarios that should worry Cardinals fans

These three moves from the rest of the NFC West would be a nightmare for the Arizona Cardinals.
Baltimore Ravens v Arizona Cardinals
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3.) Rams trade back and gain extra draft capital

Believe it or not, the Los Angeles Rams are set to make their first round selection for the first time since 2016. They currently have the 19th overall pick after making the playoffs and coming up short against the Detroit Lions in the wild card round. Their offseason headline has been around the retirement of all-time great Aaron Donald, but the Rams are looking to build off of their success from last season after being projected to be near the bottom of the league.

Despite the Rams finally being able to pick in the first round, they have had success hitting on draft picks in the later rounds and that should scare Cardinals fans. In recent memory, the Rams have drafted a stud receiver in Puka Nacua (5th round draft pick), a bull runner in Kyren Williams (5th round pick), and possible Donald’s replacement in Kobie Turner (3rd round pick). 

It is hard to imagine that the Rams trade out of the first round unless they get a future first round pick, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t trade out eventually to gain more draft capital. If it does happen, Cardinals fans should worry about the possibility of the Rams getting a late round impactful player who can disrupt the Cardinals on game day.