4 realistic expectations for Jonathan Gannon in 2024

How much pressure is on the second-year head coach?
Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals
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1.) Help elevate Kyler Murray’s game 

Heading into his sixth season of his career, Kyler Murray is looking to prove doubters wrong about who is as a quarterback for the Cardinals. In his career, Murray has yet to pass for 4,000 yards or 30 touchdowns. At the same time, his turnover numbers have gone down in turnovers. Gannon and Murray will have the chance for a full season together for the first time since Gannon was hired. When Murray came back from his knee injury in Week 10 last year, Murray elevated the offense as much as possible with so little to work with.

Murray would finish the season with 13 total touchdowns and 1,799 passing yards. For playing only 10 games with a brand new coaching staff, Murray could be a great fit for this team. Gannon will need to help elevate Murray’s game along with offensive coordinator Drew Petzing. Having a franchise quarterback who is getting paid a lot of money this season needs to work for Arizona. Murray has some of the best weapons that he has had in his career and as long as strides are made as the season continues, Murray should be able to get back to the player he was before his torn ACL.