4 worst case schedule scenarios for Arizona Cardinals in 2024

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals
Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals / Jennifer Stewart/GettyImages
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1.) Cardinals play two games in cold weather

There is a debate of whether it is better to play in super hot weather or in freezing temperatures. Teams like the Miami Dolphins have an advantage when they host teams who are built for cold weather like the Buffalo Bills. However, there is a massive disadvantage when warm weather teams head to the cold, like the Dolphins did when they took on the Chiefs in one of the coldest games in history in the playoffs last season. The Cardinals are set up to take on two cold weather teams on the road and that could be trouble for them if it takes place in November/December time.

Arizona will take on the Buffalo Bills and Green Bay Packers on the road and they had better hope it is not in the cold. We all know how cold it can get in Western New York and in Green Bay. Not to mention, they will have to try and stop Josh Allen and Jordan Love. Playing in the cold is never easy and teams that are not used to playing it do not have the best success.