5 defensive backs the Cardinals need to consider drafting in 2024

These aggressive young defensive backs could bring an impact to the Cardinals' defense next season.
Clemson CB, Nate Wiggins
Clemson CB, Nate Wiggins / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages
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1. Terrion Arnold, Alabama

Terrion Arnold
Alabama CB, Terrion Arnold / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

After only his sophomore season, Terrion Arnold has declared for the draft looking to put his name in the long list of Alabama defenders making an impact at the next level. Arnold has played and fit into many different schemes the Crimson Tide have run during his tenure at Alabama and his natural athleticism makes him useful in both man and zone coverage.

Arnold has shown that he is fundamentally sound and demonstrated great natural instincts when breaking on the ball. His natural athleticism also allows him to recover well when he finds himself out of phase.

This past season, Arnold tallied 63 total tackles, 12 passes defended and five interceptions for the Crimson Tide.

Arnold is a naturally sharp player that relies on his preparation and football IQ to be impactful in both the pass and run game. 

Being a good zone coverage corner, if Arnold can improve his presence at the line of scrimmage and in man-to-man coverage, he can find himself being a well-rounded and versatile corner in the NFL.