5 defensive backs the Cardinals need to consider drafting in 2024

These aggressive young defensive backs could bring an impact to the Cardinals' defense next season.

Clemson CB, Nate Wiggins
Clemson CB, Nate Wiggins / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages
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2. Ennis Rakestraw Jr., Mizzou

Ennis Rakestraw Jr.
Ennis Rakestraw Jr. of Mizzou / Ed Zurga/GettyImages

Ennis Rakestraw Jr. is an interesting prospect that has turned some heads as the draft has approached. Rakestraw is a physical, and aggressive defender that could be a great route disrupter as a nickel corner right now. With a great presence at the line of scrimmage, Rakestraw could not only improve the pass defense, but also come down and help out the run game off of the edge.

While he may not have blazing speed like some of the defensive backs on this list, Rakestraw’s ability to disrupt timing of routes at the beginning of the route, can equal the playing field between some of the offensive weapons found in the NFC West. 

In 2023, Rakestraw had 35 total tackles with 24 of them being solo tackles. Unfortunately, with only one interception in his collegiate career, he could improve on his ability to continue his physicality at the top of routes and create more turnover opportunities. With his current play style, Rakestraw would find himself helping out a Cardinal run defense that is in much need of help from the secondary.