5 defensive backs the Cardinals need to consider drafting in 2024

These aggressive young defensive backs could bring an impact to the Cardinals' defense next season.

Clemson CB, Nate Wiggins
Clemson CB, Nate Wiggins / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages
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4. Nate Wiggins, Clemson

Nate Wiggins
Clemson's Nate Wiggins / Isaiah Vazquez/GettyImages

At 6’2” 185 lbs, Nate Wiggins is a lengthy corner that is able to use his hands and footwork to keep opposing receivers close. He has shown an ability to jam well in press coverage with the ability to switch to zone in the middle of a play.

Wiggins' size also allows him to keep up with large outside targets that could be impactful in the redzone breaking up passes or defending jump balls in the endzone.

In coverage, Wiggins is very similar to the Dallas Cowboys’ Trevon Diggs, with his aggressive tendency to jump on routes. As a natural risk taker, Wiggins likes to play downhill and get involved in short wide receiver screen or swing passes on the perimeter. 

In 2023, Wiggins recorded 28 total tackles, six passes defended, two forced fumbles and two interceptions. 

With the aggressive risk taking style, there may be some growing pains but if Wiggins’ ability to play downhill can turn into turnovers, he can grow into a true CB1 for the Cardinals.