5 dream scenarios for Arizona Cardinals in 2024

Will the Cardinals have a complete turnaround season in 2024?
Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals
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3.) Marvin Harrison Jr. wins OROTY

The 4th overall pick in the NFL Draft is going to have eyes on him all season long. Marvin Harrison Jr. is a big name and a big time player. He has a fantastic situation in Arizona where he not only is the number one option in the passing game, but Kyler Murray is throwing the ball to him who can launch the ball far. There is a high chance that Harrison Jr. will win the Offensive Rookie of the Year award but it depends on what he produces on the field. The only other rookie that has a solid chance at winning the award is Chicago Bears quarterback Caleb Williams.

If Harrison Jr. wins this award he will repeat what Bengals wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase did in his first year in Cincinnati. Chase is considered as one of the best receivers in the game and Harrison Jr. has the chance to be one as well.