5 pending free agents the Arizona Cardinals need to stay away from in free agency

Monti Ossenfort needs to explore other players in free agency than these 5 players.

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With the explosive news about the cap salary going up for each team in the NFL, the Arizona Cardinals now have just over $53 million in cap space to use during free agency. According to overthecap.com, Arizona has the 8th most cap space in the NFL. Within just the NFC, the only teams that have more cap space than the Cardinals are the Washington Commanders, Chicago Bears, and Detroit Lions. The rest of the teams are in the AFC.

General manager Monti Ossenfort will have the opportunity to pick and choose what he feels the Cardinals need improvements in. We can make a case for each position that is not quarterback, right tackle, and safety that need an upgrade in someway. However, it will be up to Ossenfort to evaluate and see what the free agent market is.

Each offseason, there are pending free agents who more than likely test the market but there may not be a high market for them. It is easy to say that to improve, the Cardinals may end up overpaying for free agents whose market are not the best. That is where Ossenfort will need to be careful with how much money he spends on each player in free agency.

Here are 5 pending free agents that the Cardinals need to stay away from.