5 players who need to step up in 2024 for Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals have momentum heading into 2024, but will need these five players will need to step up for a successful season in Arizona.
Arizona Cardinals v Washington Commanders
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Compared to a year ago, the Arizona Cardinals are in a much better position heading into next season. It feels different for the Cardinals, who have gone 8-26 the last two seasons but now have all the pieces together after some major cleanup and players getting healthy. There is no high expectation for the Cardinals to make a deep run in the playoffs towards a Super Bowl, but there is a standard as to where the Cardinals should be by Week 18. There needs to be more than four wins. As a matter of fact, if the Cardinals don’t get to atleast 8 wins, don’t be surprised if Jonathan Gannon hits the hot seat next offseason.

The Cardinals have a favorable schedule next season but nothing will be given to them. They are going to need to earn every win and it will start on road up in Buffalo in Week 1. If the Cardinals are going to have a successful 2024 season, there are five specific players who will need to step up big time in order to have some glory this season. Arizona has young talent that will have some learning curves this upcoming season to improve for the future but it should be no surprise if the Cardinals shock the NFL with some major progress.

Here are the five Cardinals that need to step up in 2024.