5 teams the Cardinals have the best record against in the NFL

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Arizona Cardinals v Jacksonville Jaguars
Arizona Cardinals v Jacksonville Jaguars / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

There are just some teams that have your number, no matter what the reason might be. Let's take a look at the teams that the Arizona Cardinals have been the most successful against in the NFL, according to Pro Football Reference.

5. Philadelphia Eagles

  • Record: 59-57-5
  • Winning Percentage: .508

It's worth noting that the Cardinals are barely above .500 against the Eagles but they've only truly dominated two teams in the NFL. That being said, the Eagles are kicking off this list, as the Cardinals hold a .508 winning percentage against them.

These two franchises have played 124 regular-season games against each other and the series goes all the way back to the 1930s when the team was the Chicago Cardinals. When looking at the more recent match-ups, the two sides have traded wins with Arizona winning the most recent match-up in 2023 by a score of 35 to 31.

4. Atlanta Falcons

  • Record: 17-16
  • Winning Percentage: .515

The Cardinals are just one win above .500 against the Falcons but Atlanta comes in at number four on this list. The Cardinals own a .515 winning percentage against the AFC South bird team and won the last meeting between the two in 2023. That game ended in a 25 to 23 Cardinals win.

3. New Orleans Saints

  • Record: 16-15
  • Winning Percentage: .516

Another team that the Cardinals are just one game over .500 against is the Saints, who they own a .516 winning percentage head-to-head. This series has been evenly matched with the teams exchanging blows in every meeting.

The most recent meeting between these two came in 2022 when the Cardinals won a shootout 42 to 34. Before that match-up, the Saints had won two straight games against Arizona but the Cardinals got back into the win column in their series versus the Saints with that 2022 victory.

T1. Tennessee Titans

  • Record: 8-4
  • Winning Percentage: .667

Now we'll take a major jump and land on the two teams tied for the top spot in teams the Cardinals have dominated. The first we'll discuss is the Titans, who Arizona owns a .667 when playing, winning eight of the 12 match-ups.

In the first-ever meeting between the Cardinals franchise and the Titans franchise, the Cardinals were in St. Louis and the Titans were known as the Houston Oilers. The Cardinals stomped the Oilers that day, shutting out the opposition in a 44 to 0 score. They won the first three meetings in the head-to-head series but then the Oilers made things a bit more respectable with two wins in 1985 and 1988.

Nothing has changed even with both franchises relocating, as it's been all Cardinals over the last decade with Arizona riding a three-game win streak against the Titans. The Cardinals have not lost to Tennessee since the 2009 season. The latest meeting came in 2021 when Arizona won in blowout fashion (38 to 13).

T1. Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Record: 4-2
  • Winning Percentage: .667

Also tied for the team the Cardinals have had the most success against is the Jaguars, who Arizona has won four games in six meetings against. The Jags are still considered a newer franchise, having entered the NFL in 1995. That doesn't give us much of a sample size but the Cardinals have dominated in the few match-ups we've seen between these two.

Funny enough, the Jaguars started off strong in this series, winning their first two games against Arizona. Since then, however, it's been the Cardinals running the show, winning four straight games, including a 31 to 19 win in 2021. They have not lost to Jacksonville since 2005.