6 Free agent moves from NFC West that Cardinals fans can laugh at

Until the games start, everyone can get laughed at.
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San Francisco 49ers

1. Going with Leonard Floyd over Chase Young

Chase Young wasn't quite as impactful as 49ers fans probably expected him to be – although he looked a little more like himself in the Super Bowl, which feels notable – but signing Floyd to a two-year, $20 million deal and then seeing Young go to New Orleans on a one-year, $13 million deal feels like someone dropped the ball somewhere. Floyd's been good, especially in the latter half of his career – but he's turning 32, while Young is still only 24. If Young rebounds and stays healthy with the Saints this year (and granted, that's a medium-sized if), the 49ers will have missed an opportunity to have him be a core member of their next great defense. Instead, they may very well get stuck in the giving-out-one-year-contracts-to-vet-pass-rushers cycle.

1. Signing LB De'Vondre Campbell

Campbell's a perfectly fine player – he's a good linebacker who had one hell of a career season with the Packers in 2021 – but he's missed almost a dozen games over the last two years, and will be 31 when next season starts. He's currently listed as the starting Will backer for the 49ers on PFF – if he continues to miss more time, that 49ers linebacking group may not look nearly as strong as they have in recent years.