Cardinals Fans: Make Doubters Pay With $1,650 in Bonus Bets!


Most NFL pundits and oddsmakers are sleeping on the Cardinals this season and you can make them pay with over $1,500 in bonus bets! 

Three sportsbooks – Caesars, PointsBet and FanDuel – are offering you promotions worth big money simply for signing up! But you have to act fast because these offers aren’t going to last long, including the FanDuel offer that ends THIS WEEKEND!

Keep reading to learn how you can unlock all three offers today.

Caesars Sportsbook Arizona Promo

Caesars Sportsbook Arizona is helping you get excited about this Cardinals season with an UNREAL offer: a refund worth up to $1,250 in bonus bets if your first wager doesn’t hit!

That means you can throw down a big bet on your favorite Cardinals game this year (or anything else!) and if it doesn’t hit, you’ll have another chance.

Here’s how you claim your bonus offer:

  1. Sign up with Caesars Sportsbook 
  2. Use Promo Code: FSNFLFULL
  3. Verify your identity
  4. Deposit $10 or more 

Now your first bet at Caesars will be backed by house credit! 

Why not use this opportunity to take your shot on a play with plus odds, like picking the Cardinals as underdogs in one of their games this fall? If you don’t win, you can always opt for a safer play with your second chance!

You’ve already secured up to $1,250 worth of bonus bets thanks to this offer from Caesars, but we’re just getting started.

PointsBet Arizona Promo

You’ll be treated to five days of protected bets (up to $50 per day) when you join PointsBet – giving you up to $250 worth of second-chance bets!

This offer only applies to the first fixed-odds wager of each day during the five-day period. 

Here’s how you claim your bonus offer:

  1. Sign up with PointsBet Sportsbook (no promo code required)
  2. Verify your identity
  3. Deposit $10 or more 

Now you’ll have your first bet of the day backed by PointsBet for each of the next five days!

You have up to 10 chances to win if you take full advantage of this promotion – so why not shoot for the stars with your first bet each day? It might only take one win at plus-odds to make it worth your while!

It should be noted that you won’t earn bonus bets if you win your first wager of the day. Also, if you skip a day, you’ll lose the bonus bet opportunity for that day, too.

What better way to build your bankroll for the Cardinals season this fall than with FIVE second-chance bets at PointsBet? 

FanDuel Arizona Promo 

Last, but not least, we have the easiest promotion of them all.

You’ll win $150 in bonus bets just for signing up with FanDuel, activating this offer and wagering your first $5 or more. BUT you have to act fast as this offer ends Sunday!

Here’s how you claim your bonus bets:

  1. Sign up with FanDuel Sportsbook (no promo code required)
  2. Verify your identity
  3. Deposit $10 or more
  4. Wager $5 or more on any bet 

If you’ve made it this far, congrats! You’re going to walk away a winner no matter what happens from here! 

If you win your bet, you’ll collect your winnings PLUS your bonus bets. If you lose, you can still count on receiving those bonus bets!

With an extra $150+ on hand, you could target a Cardinals game where they’re an underdog, a Cardinals futures bet (will they win over 4.5 games this season?) or something going on RIGHT NOW to build your bankroll for the fall! 

Regardless of what you bet on, you need to act quickly because your time to claim this offer at FanDuel is ending soon! 

Game odds refresh periodically and are subject to change.