Arizona Cardinals may pick 17th overall in prospective trade

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We are less than one week from the 2023 NFL Draft, so expect to hear a plethora of rumors surrounding the Arizona Cardinals and the third overall pick.

If you’re the Pittsburgh Steelers, you need to do all you can to draft a premier left tackle in the 2023 NFL Draft. And you would do well to put yourself in the best position possible to take the top lineman. 

We know the Carolina Panthers will select a quarterback, while the Houston Texans may also roll with a quarterback, or perhaps defensive end Will Anderson Jr. The Arizona Cardinals already have a quarterback, and as I’ve stated several times previously, they need to get younger and fill a lot of holes still on the roster. 

That said, expect them to heavily shop the third pick all week, and it will likely culminate when they are on the clock this upcoming Thursday. Since the Steelers need to get their hands on a tackle to better protect second-year quarterback Kenny Pickett, they are ironically a prime candidate to trade up, and that could involve them trading up to the third overall pick. 

This will give the Cards a ransom of selections as compensation. And as for the Steelers, they will leapfrog everyone in need of an offensive lineman. 

Arizona Cardinals may trade to 17th in a blockbuster trade with Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, who finished the 2022 season 9-8, is just about poised to make yet another playoff run. The Cardinals, as head coach Jonathan Gannon stated, aren’t necessarily rebuilding, but they need to acquire as much talent as possible next weekend, including a corner, an edge rusher, a defensive tackle, potentially a receiver, a center, potentially a safety, and yes, even a running back. 

If the Cards trade down to the 17th overall pick, I wouldn’t be surprised if they also got their hands on the 32nd overall selection, the 80th pick, and even a 2024 first round pick to give Pittsburgh the right to select the lineman of their choosing. This would give the Redbirds three picks in the top 34, plus six in the top 100, something this franchise sorely needs. 

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