2024 NFL Mock Draft: Cardinals make first-round trade, get shocking value

This would be ... something.
Arizona Cardinals, 2024 NFL Draft
Arizona Cardinals, 2024 NFL Draft / Adam Bettcher/GettyImages
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481. 2. . . DL. . Jer'Zhan Newton. Jer'Zhan Newton. Jer'Zhan Newton. player

At pick no. 35 coming in the second round, the Cardinals were able to land another shocking value. Somehow, Illinois defensive tackle Jer'Zhan Newton fell out of the first round, allowing Arizona to get one of the best (if not the best) interior defenders in this class.

Newton comes into the league as an interior lineman, but he can move like a defensive end. He's going to be force against the run, no doubt. But, the 6-foot-2, 304-pound Newton will also wreck pass plays on a regular basis. This is a player who comes into each snap with a plan. He studies his opposition and knows how to best attack them. Newton is every bit of a first-round player, and the Cardinals are lucky to have gotten him here in the second.

. Christian Haynes. player. Christian Haynes. . 3. . 892. G. Christian Haynes

In Round 3, the Cardinals find themselves a starting-caliber guard in Uconn standout Christian Haynes. Standing 6-foot-3, 317 pounds, Haynes has excellent size for a guard. More than anything, he brings a ton of experience (4-year starter) and plays a smart brand of football.

Interior linemen are often praised for their abilities in the run game, and Haynes is no different. He excels in run blocking. But, he is also stout in pass protection. He plays with a good base and doesn't get pushed off his anchor too often. As a third rounder, you can't do much better than finding a locked-and-loaded, starting guard like Haynes.