2024 NFL Mock Draft: Cardinals make first-round trade, get shocking value

This would be ... something.
Arizona Cardinals, 2024 NFL Draft
Arizona Cardinals, 2024 NFL Draft / Adam Bettcher/GettyImages
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EDGE. . Jonah Elliss. . 3. Jonah Elliss. . Jonah Elliss. player. 843

Arizona has four picks in the third round, and with the second of the four, they go with pass rusher Jonah Elliss out of Utah. He comes in a tad undersized at 6-foot-2, 248 pounds, but Elliss plays with an effort that's rarely matched. He's a guy you want out there on pass-specific downs, for sure. He's going to do everything within his power to get to the quarterback.

Elliss possesses a swift spin move and uses quick hands to outmatch opposing linemen. He wins with technique over anything else, but the effort he plays with certainly helps out.

. OT. . Blake Fisher. 443. . 3. Blake Fisher. Blake Fisher. player

Later in the third round, the Cardinals snag a starting-caliber offensive tackle that will come in and challenge for playing time right away. Notre Dame's Blake Fisher stands 6-foot-6, 310 pounds, bringing a prototypical frame for an NFL offensive tackle. He's able to move much better than most guys his size, especially in space. Getting out and up into the second level is something he does regularly and with ease.

Fisher isn't "fast" by any means, but the term "quick" comes into play here. He mirrors defensive linemen well because of his ability to flash quick footwork.