Arizona Cardinals: 3 bold offseason predictions

Bringing in a proven defensive end would be beneficial for the Cardinals' future.
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1.) Cardinals trade out of the fourth overall pick

There is a reason why Arizona holds the fourth overall pick. At the end of the day, they need the best talent possible, but only if it makes sense. The Cardinals will have to wait to see what the Chicago Bears will do with the number one overall pick. If they decide to keep the pick and ultimately draft USC quarterback Caleb Williams, there is a heavy chance that Arizona will be able to land Marvin Harrison Jr. out of Ohio State. Although, if the Bears do end up trading away the pick to a team like Washington (who just signed offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury and has worked with Williams in college), then it would make sense for the Bears to take Harrison, pair him with D.J. Moore and give Justin Fields a lot of upside going into 2024.

If Harrison is drafted before the 4th overall pick, the Cardinals could very well trade out and gain extra picks to keep building up the team. It would make sense for the Bears to restart the clock with a rookie quarterback on a rookie deal rather than eventually either pay Fields what the market is, or lose him in return for no compensation. The prediction is that the Bears will trade away the first overall pick to Washington, then take Harrison, which would then allow Arizona to trade back with another quarterback-needy team like the Atlanta Falcons or Denver Broncos.