Arizona Cardinals: Anquan Boldin’s statements are right about Kyler Murray

Former Arizona Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin shared his two cents about quarterback Kyler Murray in a recent interview.
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Arizona Cardinals legend Anquan Boldin shared his opinions over what the team should do with Kyler Murray. Of course, everyone in the “Red Sea” has their own take on if the Cards should keep building around Murray, or to try again in the 2024 draft with a new potential franchise player. 

So what did the former Cardinals receiver say when pressed about whether the team should hang onto the signal-caller? Does he think they should cut the 26-year-old loose following the season or trade him elsewhere, or does he believe Murray can still be the face of the franchise? Here is what he said when speaking to Fox News Digital.

""I think you have to, man. I think what he brings to the table, you’d be foolish to move on from him. We heard about the issues in the past. Some people saying he’s immature, he doesn’t study enough. But there’s not a lot of dynamic quarterbacks like him in the league. So when you have the opportunity to have a guy like that on your team, I don’t think you’re quick to move on from him. I think there’s a lot of teams who would have a guy like Kyler than not.""

Anquan Boldin

Source: Cardinals would be 'foolish' to move on from Kyler Murray, former Arizona receiver says by Scott Thompson, Fox News

Sure, Murray had quite a few issues with maturity, and it was easy to question his lack of work ethic. Success-wise, he has also fallen behind other first-overall picks like Trevor Lawrence, Joe Burrow, Jared Goff, and even Baker Mayfield. Lawrence and Burrow are among the top players at the position, while Goff led the Los Angeles Rams to the Super Bowl and is playing rather well with the 5-2 Detroit Lions this season. 

Anquan Boldin is right about the current Arizona Cardinals signal-caller

Mayfield has never made a Pro Bowl, and you can call him a journeyman as he’s played for four different NFL franchises. But he also has a playoff win on his resume, something Murray hasn’t done in four seasons, and it won’t happen in 2023 with the Cardinals staring at a 1-6 record. 

However, few quarterbacks boast Murray’s blend of arm strength, accuracy, and his unique ability to extend plays and make something out of nothing. It’s true that Murray is undersized, but he also has way too much talent for the Arizona Cardinals to give up on him. 

Further, the Cardinals also have an ample amount of talent to surround Murray with when he returns in the very near future, including former college teammate Marquise Brown should he stay in the desert past the trade deadline. Michael Wilson is proving to be a steal, and Trey McBride is finally getting a chance, while the Cards may have also found a serviceable running back in Emari Demercado. 

This season, Murray has started acting like he’s putting football first, having been with the team every step of the way since minicamp. No, he doesn’t have a great resume at the moment apart from two Pro Bowls and Rookie of the Year honors, but when you combine his talent with a newfound work ethic, it’s easy to see why Boldin is endorsing the fifth-year signal-caller.