Arizona Cardinals build around Kyler Murray in Mock Draft 5.0 of 2024

At 3-10, the Arizona Cardinals still have a top-five pick that they will parlay into a future star, but who did they snag with Houston’s selection?
Ohio State v Northwestern
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The Arizona Cardinals would have the third-overall pick had Week 13 marked the end of the 2023 NFL Season. So with that being said, the Cards will also pick third here, as we’re using the current draft order for this exercise. 

Further, the theme for 2024 Mock Draft 5.0 involves picking two sensational talents to build around quarterback Kyler Murray. So who did the Cards take in this scenario to bolster Murray and the offense? The Red Sea would probably be excited if such a situation played out in real life. 

Drake Maye
North Carolina v NC State / Lance King/GettyImages

Arizona Cardinals build around Murray with two additional cornerstones in latest mock

1 - Chicago: Drake Maye, QB/North Carolina

Drake Maye doesn’t have the same stat line as Caleb Williams or Jayden Daniels, but until those final two games, the Tar Heels offense scored 40-plus points on seven different occasions. Maye hasn’t solidified himself as the top pick, but he’s the current front-runner.

2 - New England: Jayden Daniels, QB/LSU

Caleb Williams entered the season as the top prospect, but as it so often occurs, he’s dropped thanks to USC’s disappointing season. Jayden Daniels, meanwhile, has skyrocketed up the draft boards and put up some monster numbers. He also boasts better size than Williams at 6’3, 210 lbs, which may also give him the edge. 

3 - Arizona: Marvin Harrison Jr., WR/Ohio State

This pick remains an easy one for the Arizona Cardinals, as Marvin Harrison’s presence will force opponents to key on either him or tight end Trey McBride. This will let him create immediate mismatches, and those have been something quarterback Kyler Murray has taken advantage of in the past.  

4 - Washington: Caleb Williams, QB/USC

The Washington Commanders won’t hesitate to scoop up the falling Caleb Williams. But given the team’s track record in drafting quarterbacks for the past 30 years, you have to wonder if this is a good fit for the USC star.