Arizona Cardinals can claim their offensive identity when Kyler Murray returns

The Arizona Cardinals offense has been a mess for the last few weeks with Joshua Dobbs at the helm, so will Kyler Murray turn it around?
Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers
Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

The Arizona Cardinals star quarterback is close to returning, and he took another step this week by going full-go in practice. While we don’t know if he will return in time for Sunday, we do know that his presence will create a much-needed spark for what has been a struggling offense. 

With Murray under center, the Cards are getting a player with a significantly stronger arm and better accuracy than soon-to-be backup Joshua Dobbs. Murray has also made strides with this leadership, so expect to see not just a quarterback with a significantly higher ceiling taking the field in the foreseeable future, but a rejuvenated one. 

And best yet, we will get a greater feel for what the Cardinals offense is supposed to look like. With Dobbs, the Cards could only do so much, but with a returning Kyler Murray, the Redbirds can finally open things up more. 

Arizona Cardinals offense could find its identity with Kyler Murray under center

Before the season began, we were looking for an offense that would run the ball more, but it’s something we haven’t gotten over the past few weeks. The result has been about 13.5 points per game in that stretch, and with so many injuries on defense, it’s easy to see why the Cards were losing by two or three possessions. 

Overall, the offense has been nothing but a mixed bag under Dobbs, but with Murray, you will see much more stability. Not that the Cards won’t have some trying moments, especially in those first couple of games when Murray returns, but eventually, we will see patterns in what the Arizona Cardinals will do with their former number one overall pick. 

Expect the Cards to focus more on the run early, especially with Emari Demercado playing well and Rondale Moore providing a change-of-pace. But unlike Dobbs, Murray will be making those throws with a stronger, more accurate arm. 

Whether he relies on the wideouts more, the tight ends, or a mixture, it remains to be seen. But we do know this: At some point in the season with Murray, we will know what the Cardinals are supposed to look like. And that should give the Red Sea confidence in everything, from Murray to the coaching staff, moving forward. 


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