Arizona Cardinals may finally be coming to their senses about Marco Wilson

For the first time this season, Arizona Cardinals cornerback Marco Wilson did not play in 100 percent of his possible snaps, which could foreshadow something.
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Unless Arizona Cardinals cornerback Marco Wilson had to leave the field briefly for an injury, he’s been playing 100 percent of his possible snaps. It was something Darren Urban of the Cardinals official website observed when he went over the most notable snap counts in Week 8, and it’s something to take note of in Week 9. 

"”Marco Wilson played 59 snaps, the first time he has sat out snaps for anything other than injury. He has been a 100 percent guy.”"

Darren Urban

Source: The Snap Count Story - Week 8 by Darren Urban,

It could also foreshadow the Cards slowly taking away playing time for Wilson in favor of Garrett Williams, who has put together two solid performances in both games he’s seen time in. Wilson, on the other hand, is at an all-time low, ranking 108th out of 115 corners on PFF, with a grade of just 43.4 and a coverage grade of 39.6. 

Arizona Cardinals may realize Marco Wilson is not the answer at corner

Wilson’s ill-fated performances this season also reflect in his stats, as he has allowed 13.9 yards per reception and a quarterback rating of 132.8, per PFF’s statistics. Wilson’s grade would be lower if it wasn’t for his ability to come up and play in run support, where PFF has him graded at 66.1.

Antonio Hamilton is another member of the Cardinals defensive backfield who has also seen his playing time increase, and he’s made the most of it. Hamilton ranks 59th on the list, with an average grade of 62.2 and a 64.5 coverage grade. 

In the near future, don’t be surprised if Wilson’s playing time further decreases each week if he doesn’t improve. Garrett Williams has already shown he can be a better fit while Hamilton provides at least a serviceable stopgap.

There is also Kei’Trel Clark who, despite his respective struggles, also has more upside than Wilson at this point. Overall, it’s safe to say that Wilson has officially found himself on the hot seat to keep his job.


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