2 contract extensions Cardinals needs to make, 1 to avoid

Which players should the Cardinals bank their future on?
Arizona Cardinals, Isaiah Simmons
Arizona Cardinals, Isaiah Simmons / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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The 2023 season will not be kind to the Arizona Cardinals. But, fans have essentially surrendered to the fact that this year is going to be a throwaway.

With Kyler Murray recovering from a torn ACL and the organization looking at years ahead, this season is going to be about figuring out who belongs on this roster long-term and who doesn't. It's going to be about preparing for 2024 and beyond, with gradual improvement in mind.

At the moment, the Cardinals have a few players they must decide on, when it comes to their futures. But, which ones should they extend? Is there anyone worth letting walk?

Let's go over two of those players whom the Cardinals need to extend, followed by one of them they need to let go.

Budda Baker, S

Since entering the league back in 2017, Budda Baker has been one of the best safeties in football. A couple of months ago, though, there seemed to be trouble in paradise, as Baker has expressed interest in a new contract.

Earlier in the offseason, Baker also requested a trade. So, things aren't exactly ideal between the two sides right now. Baker will reportedly be at training camp, but that doesn't mean everything is fine and dandy.

The Cardinals have a few key cornerstones on this team, and Baker is one of them. We're talking about a guy who has made five Pro Bowls and two All Pro teams in six years. Arizona cannot afford to lose a guy like Baker, especially because he will be even better once the organization is able to generate a pass rush and put even more talent on that defense.