Arizona Cardinals to officially debut their icy white jerseys in a regular season game

When the Arizona Cardinals broke out in their new uniforms, their white jerseys looked like the epitome of a modern-classic, and they will debut this Sunday.
Arizona Cardinals v Minnesota Vikings
Arizona Cardinals v Minnesota Vikings / David Berding/GettyImages

The Arizona Cardinals are heading into their second road game of the season against the San Francisco 49ers. But when they traveled to the nation’s capital in Week 1 to face the Washington Commanders, they wore their cardinal red jerseys and pants combo. 

This week, we get the official debut of those classic-looking icy whites as the 49ers do not traditionally wear their light jerseys at home, even in the early fall. The Niners, unfortunately, wore their classic getups last week, featuring the shadowed backdrop on the numbers with their white pants. 

How cool would it have been to see the Niners rock those classic alternates vs. the Cardinals instead of the Giants last Thursday night? Still, it will be refreshing to see the Cards in what I believe is their best uniform combination. 

Arizona Cardinals icy white uniforms look great on the field

In Week 3 of the 2023 preseason, the Cards unofficially debuted their white-on-white combo when they traveled to Minneapolis to face the Vikings. That game, however, saw plenty of starters sitting out and it was a chance for the backups to make one final effort to impress Jonathan Gannon and the coaching staff. 

Per Gridiron-Uniforms, a well-respected NFL uniform database, the Cards will once again pair their white jersey with the white pants. While this combo looks magnificent, Arizona can break out an even sweeter look if they ever decide to pair the jersey with their red pants, which would bring out a stellar color contrast. 

Regardless, you can still expect Sunday’s game to factor in as one of the better uniformed matchups of the week, along with the Chargers-Raiders tilt, Chiefs-Jets, and Steelers-Texans (there is just something classic about those red helmets). But the game will be even better if the Cards manage to shock the world for two weeks in a row.