Top 3 Arizona Cardinals to draft in your fantasy football league, and 2 to stay away from

The Arizona Cardinals may not be an exciting football team in 2023, but there are a few players wearing a red and white uniform you will want in fantasy.
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The Arizona Cardinals won’t be an exciting team in 2023, but there are a few players you should strongly consider for fantasy football if you are playing in larger leagues of 12 teams or more. There are three players listed below who will benefit your team either immediately, or at a later portion of the season. 

Meanwhile, there are also a couple of players that other fantasy owners could overrate thanks to past productivity, and you won’t want to make the mistake in drafting them. Who should be on your draft radar and who shouldn’t? Keep reading. 

James Conner
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3 Arizona Cardinals you want in fantasy football and 2 you don’t want

1 - James Conner (Want)

If, for any reason James Conner isn’t completely healthy in 2023, substitute Keaontay Ingram here, and the latter should be an easy waiver wire pickup since few outside Arizona know about the hidden gem. But assuming Conner stays healthy for the first time in his career, look for him to pick up where he left off last season. 

Best yet, if Conner produced well in Kliff Kingsbury’s “Air Raid” offense, what can he do in a run-first system? It wouldn’t surprise me if we saw the James Conner that averaged 4.3 yards per carry last season combined with the James Conner that scored 15 rushing touchdowns in 2021.

2 - Marquise Brown (Stay away from)

This isn’t a knock on Marquise Brown, as he will enjoy a productive year. However, the production will sail south of what he amassed last season thanks to the system at hand. 

Brown won’t get as many opportunities in this offense, as it will be a run-heavy approach with emphasis on throwing to tight ends and perhaps even a larger receiver like Michael Wilson. However, when Kyler Murray returns, Brown’s numbers should rise organically thanks to the duo’s connection.