Arizona Cardinals: Early game-by-game record prediction for 2024

The 2024 NFL schedule has been released and the Cardinals should perform much better than last season.
Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams
Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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The Arizona Cardinals' 2024 schedule has been released and they will start off the season in Western New York taking on the Buffalo Bills. Then they will have three consecutive home games before having the rest of their schedule balanced out as evenly as possible. The Cardinals have a great chance at improving their record from last year (4-13) as long as their health is not affected early on. Going into this upcoming season, the Cardinals have the chance to turn things around in the franchise but without having to face massive pressure as a team. While Kyler Murray and even Jonathan Gannon may have some pressure, the Cardinals overall do not need to worry about not meeting any super high expectations.

From now until the start of the season, there will be predictions for each team and how they will perform in 2024. In this very early game-by-game record prediction, we look at each game for the Cardinals for this season. 

These will change as time the offseason continues but this is just an eye test as to how the Cardinals could perform this season.

Here is an early game-by-game record prediction for the Cardinals in 2024.

Week 1 - @ Buffalo Bills

In the season opener, we will see Kyler Murray vs. Josh Allen in front of Bills Mafia. The last time these two quarterbacks faced off against each other was in 2020 where the infamous “Hail Murray” pass from Murray to DeAndre Hopkins took place that gave the Cardinals a 32-30 victory. Both teams are at different points within their franchise, but the Cardinals had a much better offseason as compared to Buffalo. At the same time, the Bills are the kind of team that will either fold early on and not show up, or put up 40+ points and not look back. As it stands, the Bills are also a touchdown favorite for this matchup.

The Bills were embarrassed last year in Week 1 after letting the New York Jets come back to beat them in overtime. While the Cardinals will put up a big fight, the Bills and Josh Allen come out with the win.

Record: 0-1

Week 2: Los Angeles Rams

The Cardinals will have their home opener against the Los Angeles Rams in Week 2. The Rams have dominated the Cardinals in recent memory and do not lose very often to the Cardinals. However, the Rams had a massive loss this offseason by losing Aaron Donald to retirement. While the Rams revamped their defensive line this offseason through the NFL Draft, Donald’s presence will certainly be missed.

Yes, LA has the best of Arizona but all things must come to an end eventually. With the moves the Cardinals made this offseason, there is no reason to count them out against the Rams. We see upsets all the time in this league and while Arizona will need to be almost perfect to beat the Rams, they do so in their home opener and defeat the Rams.

Record: 1-1