Arizona Cardinals 5-round 2024 NFL Mock Draft: Ditching Kyler Murray for a complete reset

The Cardinals could completely rebuild if they dealt Kyler Murray before the 2024 NFL Draft.
Arizona Cardinals, Kyler Murray
Arizona Cardinals, Kyler Murray / Norm Hall/GettyImages
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What will the rest of the season hold for the Arizona Cardinals?

In Kyler Murray's first game back from injury, he looked just like Kyler Murray of old. Arizona came away with the win. Does that mean they're trending in the right direction?

Not quite. In fact, the Cardinals very well could still blow this thing up and rebuild. That includes a Murray trade.

How do they do it? Let's look at an early, 5-round 2024 NFL mock draft where the Cardinals start completely fresh.

The Cardinals make a move for the no. 1 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft

First of all, the Cardinals would need to make a move for their quarterback of the future if they are indeed going to deal Murray. Right now, that pick belongs to the Chicago Bears.

Bears Cards trade

After making a blockbuster deal for the first overall pick, the Cardinals go ahead and select the draft's top quarterback prospect, Caleb Williams out of USC.

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In Williams, the Cardinals are getting a Heisman winner and a guy who can make every throw asked of him at the professional level. Williams is a wizard. He is proficient in getting out of bad situations and extending plays, all while making the throws look effortless. He has a similar skill set of Patrick Mahomes, where he just makes something out of nothing, except that "something" ends up being something you couldn't even write, yourself.

Williams is the real deal. He is going to be a phenomenal NFL quarterback. The Cardinals just need to make sure they get him the proper development. Is that staff currently in the building? Who knows.

For now, we know that the Cardinals have their quarterback of the future. But, what do they do with Murray?

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