Arizona Cardinals head coach is now a hated man in City of Brotherly Love

There won't be any free cheesesteaks waiting for Jonathan Gannon when the Arizona Cardinals flock to Philadelphia in late December.
Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals
Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals / Norm Hall/GettyImages

When the Arizona Cardinals handed their head-coaching position to Jonathan Gannon back in February, a large contingent of Philadelphia fans rejoiced. After all, the former defensive coordinator of the Eagles received much of the blame for the team's crushing defeat in Super Bowl LVII. After taking the high road for the past seven months, Gannon is now beginning to fire back at the "City of Brotherly Love."

During a recent article in The Athletic, Gannon gave his own view on what happened during that heart-wrenching loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. "I'm the reason we lost the Super Bowl", the 40-year-old sarcastically told the interviewer. Obviously, there were others who deserved blame for the second-half collapse, but Philly's fanbase and media were placing it all on the shoulders of Gannon.

Shortly after the Eagles defeated the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game, Gannon told a Philadelphia television station that he was remaining with the team. We've since learned, however, that the highly-touted assistant wasn't exactly being truthful. That very week, Gannon talked to freshly-hired general manager Monti Ossenfort about taking the Cardinals job.

Jonathan Gannon has created a rift between the Arizona Cardinals and his previous employer

Unfortunately, the timing of the discussion broke an NFL rule. Gannon let the cat out of the bag by revealing during Super Bowl week that he had talked to Ossenfort about the Arizona gig. Knowing they were caught, the Cards told the league about the indiscretion and were forced to compensate the Eagles during this past April's draft.

If there's one thing that the Philly faithful can't stand is a liar. Obviously, Gannon bungled the situation. An awful performance by his defense during the Super Bowl was one thing, but lying about a prospective job offer from the Cardinals in the days leading up to the matchup only added fuel to the fire.

Gannon also revealed something else that's Philly-related during his interview with The Athletic. The former boss of the Eagles defense took credit for head coach Nick Sirianni relinquishing the offensive play-calling duties back in 2021. Whether that's true or not, "Iggles" followers are likely cringing at the thought that Gannon could be credited for a decision that made the team's scoring attack such a huge success.

Things should get real interesting when Gannon and the Redbirds visit Philadelphia's Lincoln Financial Field late in the season. Everything that has transpired over the past year or so will not be forgotten. Rest assured, Gannon and his Cardinals will be fully aware of the hostile environment that will be waiting for them when they fly east come December.