Arizona Cardinals: An honest assessment of Monti Ossenfort's performance in 2023

We’re only 13 of 17 games into the 2023 Arizona Cardinals season, but we have seen enough of Monti Ossenfort to give him an honest letter grade.

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Monti Ossenfort
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Overall: A-

Judging from Year 1, Monti Ossenfort set his own path and avoided the mistake of recklessly spending money in free agency on players even if they prospered elsewhere. Instead, he opted for “system fits” at lower prices, allowing him to pay off the dead cap that came from the DeAndre Hopkins release and to put aside money for any player he believes is worth sticking around in Glendale long-term. 

While he may not have been popular with some fans in the Red Sea hoping to see more recognizable free agents come to town, he’s not sacrificing the potential long-term window. The view may be a longer one, but succeeding a general manager who seemingly valued the draft less and trades and free agency more only to see nominal results, it was the right move. 

For 2024, Ossenfort needs to stick to his overall plan, and once again refuse to allow big-name players in free agency to tempt him. Unless, of course, he believes they fit what head coach Jonathan Gannon is looking for. Keep building through the draft, supplement with free agency and trades, and keep brewing a young core, and the Arizona Cardinals will put an eventual winner onto the field.