Arizona Cardinals: Who has the most interceptions in a single season?

Aeneas Williams #35...
Aeneas Williams #35... / Harry How/GettyImages

The Arizona Cardinals have had a slew of talented defensive backs throughout their existence. Who holds the most interceptions in one season?

The Arizona Cardinals are by far the most successful incarnation of the franchise, even if the old Chicago Cardinals technically won a championship. As for the St. Louis Cardinals, it was 28 trying seasons in the Gateway to the West. 

However, when you look at who holds the most interceptions in a single season, the old Chicago Cardinals and the St. Louis Cardinals dominate the Arizona incarnation. But before we get to the single-season interception leader in team history, let’s talk about who on the Arizona Cardinals (1988-present) holds the record.

Nope, it’s neither Tyrann Mathieu nor Patrick Peterson. Instead, the honor goes to two players: Kwamie Lassiter, who recorded nine picks and 80 return yards in 2001. Seven years before Lassiter in 1994, Aeneas Williams also tallied nine interceptions. Williams also racked up 89 return yards that season. 

Arizona Cardinals must make way for the old Chicago Cardinals

To find the all-time leader in interceptions, we must go all the way back to 1949, when Bob Nussbaumer picked off 12 passes for 157 return yards. Nussbaumer was one of four Chicago Cardinals to record double-digit interceptions in a single season, with the other three being Lindon Crow (11, 1956), Night Train Lane (10, 1954), and Ray Ramsey (10, 1953).

Three members of the St. Louis Cardinals also recorded 10 interceptions apiece. The first one is a name you may recognize - Jerry Horton, who did it in 1960. Pat Fischer tallied 10 picks four seasons later in 1964. And finally, the legendary Larry Wilson snagged 10 two years later in 1966. 

Overall, no one to date on the Phoenix/Arizona Cardinals (1988-present) has reached double-digits. But who knows, maybe a ballhawk will emerge in the desert and join those hallowed few mentioned above?


(Statistics provided by Stat-Muse)