3 Arizona Cardinals whose jobs could be on the line in Week 6

As Act I of the Arizona Cardinals 2023 season comes to a close, which players could see their respective jobs on the line heading into Week 6?
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Leki Fotu
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3 - Leki Fotu, DT

Two regimes and going on his fourth season, defensive tackle Leki Fotu just keeps getting his chances, and he still, after all this time, continues to waste them. To Fotu’s credit, he at least has one sack. And while he’s played in just 49% of all possible snaps this season, Fotu has started and seen ample playing time in all four games he’s played in. 

But once again, Fotu is struggling, evidenced by his PFF Grade of 45.4, which ranks 103rd out of 124 qualifying defensive tackles. So far this year, he has just eight combined tackles and three stops, and that’s about as good as it’s gotten for Fotu. 

Compare these numbers to the recently-acquired Roy Lopez, who already has a pair of stops and four combined tackles in just two games for the Redbirds. Lopez has only seen 47 total snaps so far, but rest assured, he could be in for a promotion if Fotu continues to once again put up lackluster numbers.


(Statistics provided by Pro-Football-Reference, grades and additional statistics provided by PFF [subscription])