Arizona Cardinals: Is Josh Dobbs an upgrade over Colt McCoy?

The Arizona Cardinals are likely starting Colt McCoy on September 10th against the Washington Commanders, but is Josh Dobbs in the running?
Washington Commanders v Cleveland Browns
Washington Commanders v Cleveland Browns / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

On paper, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Colt McCoy has had the better career across his first five seasons than Josh Dobbs. McCoy had one season of experience as a full-time starter with the Cleveland Browns in 2011, and he also had a decent run during his rookie year in 2010. 

But McCoy has made a living in the NFL as a career backup, just like Dobbs. The difference is, Dobbs has just two games worth of starting experience, winning neither start. 

However, Dobbs is just 28, while it won’t be long until McCoy turns 37. So at this point, Dobbs could be an upgrade over the Cardinals presumed starter.

Unlike McCoy, Dobbs possesses better size at 6’3, and he’s also a decent scrambler, something that would bring value to this Cardinals offense. McCoy is no longer mobile, nor is David Blough, a quarterback the Cards brought back during the offseason who may not make the final 53-man roster with Dobbs in town. 

Then there is the ineffective Jeff Driskel, who is also likely on his way out, and the rookie, Clayton Tune. This could change in the span of a few weeks, but Dobbs’ presence in Arizona implies the Cards aren’t comfortable starting Tune in Week 1, but it could also mean they aren’t entirely sold on McCoy. 

Dobbs may be an upgrade over the Arizona Cardinals incumbent starter

On paper, it’s tough to call Josh Dobbs an upgrade over Colt McCoy, as he has done nothing in his NFL career to imply he can be an effective starter, or even an effective spot starter. But Dobbs has more mobility than McCoy, and it’s something the Cards will need from quarterbacks in their new-look offense. 

But here is a number to remember: 8.1% - This was Dobbs’ sack percentage from last season, and opposing defenses brought him down in the backfield when he dropped back to pass six times. So while Dobbs is a mobile quarterback, that number also shows he hangs onto the ball too long. 

While I’m aware that the Tennessee Titans didn’t have a great offensive line last season, it’s still on the quarterback to adjust to that, and Dobbs clearly couldn’t. So as far as an overall upgrade over McCoy, you can’t sway far in either direction. 

However, Dobbs could be a better fit for the Arizona Cardinals offense than McCoy because of his size, skillset, and age. So if that rings true, maybe the former fourth round pick will see some on-field success when he inevitably sees the playing field, and we may indeed call him an upgrade.


(Statistics provided by Pro-Football-Reference)