Arizona Cardinals: 3 things Kyler Murray must improve in the final four weeks

The Arizona Cardinals will see what the back half of Kyler Murray’s eight-game sample will look like starting in Week 15 vs. the San Francisco 49ers.
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Kyler Murray
Arizona Cardinals v Pittsburgh Steelers / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

2 - Get more comfortable lining up under center

A previous piece stated that we may never see Kyler Murray regularly lining up under center. But that also doesn’t mean we wouldn’t see him taking snaps under center more frequently, and it’s something that needs to increase steadily over the final four weeks of the season. 

We rarely saw this under former head coach Kliff Kingsbury, as the current quarterbacks coach at USC embraced the college-like “Air Raid” offense. It never saw sound results in the NFL, typical for most offenses designed around the college game tried at the professional level. 

Murray also didn’t line up under center often during his days at Oklahoma, so we can understand why he would struggle in an area many NFL quarterbacks have little to no trouble with. But the only way he will become a better quarterback under center is if offensive coordinator Drew Petzing gives him more in-game reps. 

Further, Petzing’s offense is rather limited should Muray predominantly line up in the shotgun, and the full magnitude of his system won’t be there. Therefore, seeing more snaps, ideally nearly 50 percent of those snaps coming under center, should be a prerequisite.