Arizona Cardinals: Major network's remarks about Murray are spot on

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The Arizona Cardinals may want Kyler Murray to be the guy in 2023 and beyond, but there is no denying he is the league’s most overrated quarterback.

I’ve spoken about Bleacher Report numerous times, and there are instances when I have agreed, and others when I have disagreed, with their takes. In this case, I’m 100% in agreement with writer Gary Davenport, as they wrote that Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is the NFL’s most overrated quarterback. 

While there is a lot to like about Murray’s athletic ability and the way he can make just about any throw, there is also no denying that he’s fallen short of what you would expect from a number one overall pick. Attitude issues sprung up this past season, and poor play didn’t help matters in 2022. 

Sure, Murray backers will point to the fact he led the Cards to a playoff appearance in 2021 with Kliff Kingsbury as his head coach, plus his pair of Pro Bowl appearances and Rookie of the Year honors. But accolades aside, Murray has yet to transform the Cardinals into a consistent contender, and he’s rarely made the team better around him. Consider this snippet from the article:

"“The problem is that Murray isn't a top-five quarterback. He might not be a top-10 quarterback. He has yet to post a 4,000-yard passing season. He was 14th in the league in passing yards and 12th in passing touchdowns in his last full season.”"

Gary Davenport

Arizona Cardinals Murray correctly named one of NFL’s most overrated

Here are a few facts about Murray: For one, he’s 25-31-1 as a starter, which is worse than what the underachieving Baker Mayfield, his former teammate and number one overall pick from 2018, compiled in his first four seasons, which was a 29-30 record. 

After signing his $230.5 million contract in 2022, his play regressed all across the board, with his touchdown pass percentage dropping to a career low 3.6%, his yards per pass attempt falling to 6.1, also a career low, and he even suffered a career low passer rating of 87.2. He also compiled a 3-8 record, Murray’s worst since his rookie season in 2019. 

Overall, Davenport gets it right that Murray is the NFL’s most overrated quarterback. And in all honesty, if Clayton Tune can come out, win the job, and refuse to look back, then the Arizona Cardinals could finally be free of the former number one overall pick, who is looking like yet another mistake from the old Steve Keim regime.

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