Arizona Cardinals: 3 offseason trades we would love to see in 2023

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D.J. Humphries of the Arizona Cardinals
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2 - D.J. Humphries

This might sound contradictory, since I’ve been a huge advocate of keeping the former Pro Bowler around. But I won’t lose any sleep if the Arizona Cardinals send him elsewhere. 

For one, the Cards could always put Josh Jones at tackle, where he showed he could anchor the offensive line in Humphries’ absence. Trading Humphries would let Arizona save an additional $5.1 million in cap space, plus another $13 million in cash. However, it would cost the Cardinals $12.8 million in dead cap money. 

So why trade Humphries? The 2021 Pro Bowler could draw attention from teams in need of a solid left tackle. And if they can deal him before the draft, chances are, Arizona could snag at least one Day 2 and a Day 3 pick for their longtime tackle. 

Humphries wouldn’t warrant the same compensation as Hopkins. But for a team that needs to collect a few draft picks and get younger for Year 1 of this rebuild, moving Humphries is logical.