Arizona Cardinals: Top 3 most overrated players for 2023

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals
San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

Even with a weak roster, the Arizona Cardinals will have their fair share of overrated players. Let’s explore the three biggest names.

Every team, good or bad, has at least a few overrated players, and the Arizona Cardinals are no exception. These are players who make you do a double take if you see them appearing atop the depth chart, or if you hear they may receive extended playing time. 

So going into 2023, which Redbirds are receiving more attention than they deserve at the moment? Here are the three biggest names. 

Arizona Cardinals 3 most overrated players in 2023

1 - Rondale Moore

Rondale Moore has done little since arriving in the desert and he’s yet to even remotely show the big-play potential that made him so dangerous at Purdue…when he was healthy, anyway. So far in his career, Moore has 95 receptions in 22 games (15 starts), 849 yards, 3 touchdowns, and just 8.9 yards per catch. 

He’s also missed 12 of 34 possible games, and if injuries strike again this season along with pedestrian numbers, he doesn’t deserve another chance. At this point, he is a projected starter per, and even that, especially with the size Michael Wilson possesses, is a stretch. 

2 - Hjalte Froholdt

Don’t get it wrong: I am a big fan of Hjalte Froholdt and I’m glad to see the versatile interior lineman in the desert. But to take a guy who was so-so last season and to peg him in as your starting center? That’s more than a bit much. 

Froholdt is a great backup and he can be a decent spot starter. But to hand someone unproven to play well over an extended period in the starting lineup is a stretch. Overall, I’d rather see the Arizona Cardinals roll with the younger talent in Jon Gaines II while Froholdt backs up the center and both guard positions.

3 - Dennis Gardeck

Like Froholdt, this isn’t a knock on Dennis Gardeck, another player who I’ve enjoyed watching over the past few seasons. But as it stands, Gardeck has done nothing on defense over the past two seasons, and with younger, higher-potential talent in front of him, he would do well to just take a back seat in 2023 and provide depth. 

Gardeck is a great special teams ace, but that’s the only spot on the team he should regularly serve. Once Zaven Collins and Company get going at EDGE, it should end any speculation of Gardeck receiving a solid amount of playing time on defense. 


(Statistics provided by Pro-Football-Reference)