Where would the Arizona Cardinals pick if the season ended after Week 10?

The Arizona Cardinals are a team that had the first overall pick this time last week, but after their big win, there is a new name at number one.
Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals
Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals / Norm Hall/GettyImages

A contingent of Arizona Cardinals fans probably aren’t happy with the Redbirds following their win over the Atlanta Falcons and Kyler Murray gaining the early edge in showing he’s franchise quarterback material. Murray has his limitations, no doubt, but he also showed us yesterday afternoon that he still has an electrifying style of play despite missing the previous 11 months with a torn ACL.

Height has always been a factor working against Murray, and we saw it a couple of times yesterday. Attitude was another factor, but Murray’s body language looked far more improved, which is another plus. Therefore, even if the Cards no longer hold the first pick, it shouldn’t faze most of the fanbase. 

Where do the Arizona Cardinals currently pick in the 2024 draft?

With the Carolina Panthers now sitting at 1-8, the Chicago Bears have regained the first pick in the draft, with the New York Giants, and the New England Patriots, both 2-8, following. The Cards are also 2-8, but they dropped to the fourth overall pick. 

Unfortunately for Cardinals fans, the Texans have clawed their way to a winning record, meaning what could have been a high draft pick is no more unless Houston suffers a severe meltdown. As things currently stand, the Cardinals also hold the 20th pick, but they can change that this coming week if they end up beating the Texans. 

Although it’s not the result the Red Sea wanted from Houston, they shouldn’t be too downtrodden. The 2024 class has a plethora of talent, so if the Arizona Cardinals were forced to roll with the 20th pick when the season ended, they would still have plenty of solid options to choose from. 

Things will undoubtedly change as we inch closer to the regular season’s conclusion, but for now, the Cards hold the fourth and the 20th selections. And given the track record of the Redbirds current rookie class, don’t be surprised when Monti Ossenfort drafts a pair of incredible assets to further turn things around in the desert.


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