3 Arizona Cardinals players we’d love to share Thanksgiving with

It is Thanksgiving Day here in the US, and there are a few Arizona Cardinals players who make a sound presence at the festivities.

Arizona Cardinals linebacker Dennis Gardeck (45) is introduced before their game against the
Arizona Cardinals linebacker Dennis Gardeck (45) is introduced before their game against the / Joe Rondone/The Republic / USA TODAY

Today, we’re talking about dream invites to the Thanksgiving Day festivities, and hypothetically inviting three Arizona Cardinals players to the big gathering. The following players have not been selected at random, as there are deeper reasons behind the invitations.

One is a player who is defying the aging process while another has routinely gotten the best of a former division rival. The third name mentioned on this list has long-since defied the odds and has carved out a sound NFL career. 

3 Arizona Cardinals players who would be great to share Thanksgiving with

1 - Matt Prater

Matt Prater earns the top spot on this list because I would love to ask him how he continues to defy age. Even if kickers play less physically demanding positions and typically have longer career spans, their overall leg strength diminishes over time, and Prater’s, if he’s shown us anything this year, has not. 

Now that I’m in my early thirties, obtaining and implementing advice from the 39-year-old Prater would be something to seek sooner than later. Of the three Arizona Cardinals players listed, Prater was the only shoo-in for this piece simply because he knows a thing or two about staying young.

2 - Kyler Murray

Since the Arizona Cardinals drafted Kyler Murray, they have enjoyed a remarkable track record against the Dallas Cowboys. Even when they started this year at 1-8 before Murray’s return, the Cowboys were the one team the Cardinals handled with surprising ease. 

As you can guess, watching football is one of my favorite Thanksgiving Day pastimes, but with Kyler Murray in attendance, it would just be fun to hear him talk about all the times he’s won games at AT&T Stadium. Bonus points for when the conversation turns to the Cards constantly getting the best of their former division rival when they visit the Cowboys in Arlington.

3 - Dennis Gardeck

Dennis Gardeck took the hard route to the NFL, defying his undrafted status to become a special teams ace and later, a go-to role player and even a part-time starter. Gardeck would have words of wisdom and inspiration now that he’s reached the middle portion of his career, so like Prater, he would also be one to draw valuable information.

But instead of winning the battle against age (which I’m sure Gardeck will be capable of), it’s winning the battle against long odds. Therefore, the third invite goes to the former undrafted free agent who continues to defy the odds in his NFL career.