3 Arizona Cardinals players who may lose a roster spot to an undrafted rookie in 2023

There are several undrafted free agents proving their worth so far for the Arizona Cardinals. Which ones have a legitimate chance to make the team?

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Geoff Swaim
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2 - Geoff Swaim, TE for Blake Whiteheart, TE

While the Arizona Cardinals signed Geoff Swaim to (presumably) be their projected TE3 this season, you can’t ignore Blake Whiteheart’s productivity. Sure, Whiteheart needs to prove he can perform well vs. better competition, but if he gets the chance, then why roll with the veteran when there is an intriguing rookie pass-catcher too valuable to risk losing on waivers?

We also don’t know how good Whiteheart can be, but we know Swaim’s ceiling, and it’s why he’s been a journeyman throughout his NFL career. Sure, he holds value as a blocker, but Swaim also has his limits. And for a team getting younger, hanging onto Whiteheart should be an easy decision.

At the absolute least, look for a spirited battle between Swaim and Whiteheart for the TE3 job, something Noah Togiai should also be a part of considering his success earlier this month in camp. As it stands, Whiteheart remains buried on the depth chart, but that could, and should, change if he puts up another solid performance.