3 Arizona Cardinals players on the 53-man roster who won’t last in the desert

The Arizona Cardinals have what should be their 53-man roster heading into Week 1. But a few players probably won’t be sticking around all year.
Arizona Cardinals v Minnesota Vikings
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Christian Matthew
Arizona Cardinals v Minnesota Vikings / David Berding/GettyImages

2 - Christian Matthew, CB

There is one name Christian Matthew needs to be concerned about in 2023, and it’s neither Antonio Hamilton nor Kei’Trel Clark. That somebody is Garrett Williams, who will be ready to show everyone why the Cardinals took a chance on him in the third round sometime between now and January.

But Matthew could find himself slipping down the depth chart before the Cards clear Williams, thanks to Starling Thomas V’s presence. Thomas’ physicality could be on display early in the desert. And that could set him apart from Matthew if he also brings sound coverage skills. Interestingly, Thomas doesn’t boast Matthew’s size, so his added physical edge brings even more value. 

You may think Matthew could have a leg up over Kris Boyd, who is the bottom-dweller on the Arizona Cardinals depth chart. But Boyd brings far more special teams value than Matthew. This leaves Matthew the odd man out at corner, and perhaps out of a job if Williams and Thomas prove they are better system fits.