5 Arizona Cardinals playing for their jobs in the final four games of 2023

The Arizona Cardinals have quite a few players who have secured a spot for 2024, but there are even more who have not.
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When you thought of Arizona Cardinals players who would play for their jobs in 2023, quarterback Kyler Murray was probably the first one coming to mind. And to a degree, Murray is playing for his job, as if he doesn’t fare well during his final four games, the Cards could have other options. 

But, as stated in a previous piece, Murray has been serviceable, evidenced by his 2-2 record with a team that has suffered quite a few setbacks. Therefore, Murray should be safe, but the following players listed are not, and the final four weeks will determine their respective futures.

Marquise Brown
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5 Arizona Cardinals playing for their jobs

1 - Marquise Brown, WR

Overall, 51 receptions, 574 yards, 11.3 yards per catch, and four touchdown receptions in 13 games look solid on paper. Marquise Brown has also been forced to deal with playing for three different quarterbacks, but as a former first-round pick who came to Arizona in exchange for a first-round pick, the former Baltimore Raven has not looked good this year. 

His 50.5 percent catch percentage is by far the lowest of his career, and his 3.9 receptions per game is his lowest since 2020. Over the previous two seasons, Brown caught 91 and 67 passes, respectively, but he is on pace for just 66 in 2023. It’s important to remember that when Brown caught 67 in 2022, he played in just 12 games thanks to a foot injury. 

Will we see Marquise Brown return to form and earn a contract extension with the Redbirds, or will we see his catch percentage dip below 50 percent? At this point, Brown looks as though he’s trending toward the latter, so he needs a huge turnaround if he plans on staying in Glendale.