5 Arizona Cardinals playing for their jobs in the final four games of 2023

The Arizona Cardinals have quite a few players who have secured a spot for 2024, but there are even more who have not.
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Michael Carter
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4 - Michael Carter, RB

Another guy who the Arizona Cardinals signed after the season started, Michael Carter can work his way into the RB2 role for 2024 if he has a strong showing in these last four games. Carter is signed through 2025, however, if he doesn’t perform well in the last four weeks of the season, it costs the Cards nothing to release him, and they will save over $417 in space

So far, Carter’s sample size is too small to make an accurate projection, but he’s shown flashes, with 44 yards on eight carries, good for 5.5 yards per. Carter also has four catches out of the backfield for the Redbirds for 15 yards, so he’s also indicated he can be sure handed. 

If Carter ends the year on a high note, preferably maintaining or at least averaging 5.0 yards per carry throughout these last four games, he will get another season in the desert. If not, then the Cards will save some money on cap space.