3 Arizona Cardinals practice squad players who may be hidden gems in 2024

Since the NFL expanded its number of allotted players on the practice squad, the odds are greater than ever for the Arizona Cardinals to shelve hidden talent.
Arizona Cardinals v Minnesota Vikings
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The practice squad is a place for hidden gems to emerge in the NFL, and the Arizona Cardinals have quite a few players with the potential to become a pivotal part of the team in 2024. But out of the 17 players currently listed on the squad, there are three frontrunners to keep an eye on should they remain under contract next season. 

One was a preseason sensation who had a legitimate chance to make the roster in 2023. Another is a defensive player who saw playing time recently, but has predominantly made his home on the 17-man squad. And the third has bounced back and forth to the Cardinals, and he could wind up playing a major special teams role. 

3 Arizona Cardinals practice squad players in line for a promotion in 2024

1 - Kaden Davis, WR

Kaden Davis was one of the more impressive players in July and August before he earned a spot on the Arizona Cardinals practice squad, and he has been there ever since. It’s always a good sign when a player sticks around all season, and the former Michigan Panther (USFL) could take advantage of a weak receiving unit in 2024 should the Cardinals prioritize other needs first.

Regardless, Davis will have more competition next season as general manager Monti Ossenfort will undoubtedly bring in some form of competition. But if Davis returns and shows that he’s improved on his previous training camp, he may stick around the active roster to provide depth and value on special teams. 

2 - Divaad Wilson, CB

Divaad Wilson is one player on this list who has seen time with the starters on Sundays, though he’s primarily been on the practice squad this season. Through his small sample size in 2023, Wilson has played pretty well, allowing just a 42 percent completion percentage, 7.7 yards per target, and a 69.9 passer rating. 

He needs to get better at not getting beaten deep, as the rookie corner has also allowed 18.0 yards per reception. But for a cornerback who has primarily seen time on the practice squad, Wilson should get an even more extended look next year. 

3 - Daniel Arias, WR/ST

Daniel Arias has been signed, released, and signed to another practice squad before he eventually returned to the desert, again on the practice squad. The former Colorado Buffalo, however, continues to keep prying at eventually earning a roster spot, and his special teams experience could win him a job next season. 

Unlike Kaden Davis, who brings value to the return game and could also provide depth on offense, Arias is more likely to be in the mold of a pure special teams player. Therefore, you will rarely see him play much receiver unless in emergency situations should he stick around.


(Statistics provided by Pro-Football-Reference)