Where do the Arizona Cardinals rank vs. the NFC West after Week 1?

The Arizona Cardinals sustained a narrow loss to the Washington Commanders on Sunday, so how do they stack up vs. the rest of the NFC West?
Arizona Cardinals v Washington Commanders
Arizona Cardinals v Washington Commanders / Jess Rapfogel/GettyImages

The Arizona Cardinals are almost universally considered one of the worst teams in football. But the Seattle Seahawks could find themselves in their own steep decline following their dismantling loss to the Los Angeles Rams. Had the Cardinals offense scored just once, we could be having a different conversation, and that may have catapulted them to the #3 spot. 

But did they put forth enough effort to at least stay out of the basement anyway? Keep reading, and you will find out where the Redbirds stand.

Where does each NFC West team stand after Week 1?

4 - Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals defense looks like it could at least hold its own against opposing offenses that rank in the bottom half of the league. But until their offense shows even minute signs of life, there is no way we can rank them any higher than fourth.

3 - Seattle Seahawks

The Rams dealt the Seahawks a reality check in a 30-13 beatdown yesterday, and it makes you wonder if this team wasn’t just a one-year wonder. More likely, however, the ‘Hawks will be just fine, and they will return to form by Week 3.

2 - Los Angeles Rams

No one saw the Rams pulling off a stunner on the road, let alone a three-possession win against a division rival. While the Seahawks misfortunes may not last, the Rams fortunes could also go south as the season wears on. But for the time being, the 2021 Super Bowl Champions rank in the division’s top half.

1 - San Francisco 49ers

Few teams performed better than the San Francisco 49ers, who ran all over what was supposed to be an improved Pittsburgh Steelers team. While some teams could see their respective fortunes change this season, don’t expect it to happen to the 49ers. At this point, I’m dreading the Redbirds Week 4 matchup vs. a team that could easily win the NFC this year. 


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